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Lesson 1: Hygiene Audit Training Introduction


This training is designed to offer understanding and insights into the requirements of  the FCS hygiene audit in order to assist you in complying with legal requirements and ultimately reduce risk of food poisoning.

The FCS hygiene audit will help in risk prevention, managing efficiency of operations such as cleaning and reduce costs in operating a kitchen, especially in chemical costs and minimise food waste.

This training will cover :

  • All procedures required for cleaning
  • R638 legal requirements
  • Microbiological best practice

We will also cover all critical and major non-conformances, and provide valuable tips on how to comply with the requirements. The FCS audit does not only help you comply with requirements, but also helps in managing efficiency and costs in operating a kitchen.

We know that all areas must be kept clean and in a good physical condition and as such, not all minor non-conformances are covered in this training. Yet, the FCS hygiene audit template does lists each requirement.

In this course, we have included the cleaning procedure demonstrations in order to aid in your training. There is a final quiz at the end of the course, requiring at least 80% pass in order to receive your training certificate.


  • Get familiar with the FCS audit requirements
  • Read through your Corrective Action Report
  • Take notes