FCS Hygiene Audit Basic Training (FREE)

The FCS Hygiene Audit Online Course is designed to offer understanding and insight into the requirements of kitchen hygiene and food safety in order to assist you in preventing the risk of causing food poisoning.

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The FCS Hygiene Audit Online Course includes :

  • All food safety procedures
  • Food Safety legal requirements (R638 Regulations)
  • Microbiological best practice
  • All critical and most major non-conformances will be explained.
  • Tips on how to comply with requirements.
  • All areas in and around the kitchen must be kept clean and in a good physical condition. As such not all requirements (minor non-conformances) can be covered in this training.


  • Chefs
  • Kitchen Managers
  • F&B Managers
  • General Managers
  • Anyone interested in hygiene and food safety


  • The basics of bacteria.
  • What the requirements are for a food safety system in a kitchen environment.
  • How to implement measures to prevent food poisoning.
  • Manage a documentation system to proves due diligence in food safety.
  • Develop an active management system.
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Course Includes

  • 28 Lessons
  • 4 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate