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Here we provide access to online training courses to assist you in better understanding the FCS audit requirements and help improve your understanding in areas of food safety, microbiology, and other areas of interest. Choose your course below to get started.

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Coronavirus Awareness Short Course
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FCS Coronavirus Awareness Short Course (FREE)

The Coronavirus Awareness Short Course is aimed at creating awareness about we can do to manage the risk of Coronavirus and COVID-19 for ourselves, customers and our communities as a whole. It is about talking about doing the right things. The things that we can do to prevent the spread of the virus and keep our places of business that are open, safe for staff and safe for customers. Please note: There is no quiz or certificate available for this free access course. If you would like proof of completion, please sign up for the full COVID-19 training course.

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FCS Hygiene Audit Basic Training (FREE)

The FCS Hygiene Audit Online Course is designed to offer understanding and insight into the requirements of kitchen hygiene and food safety in order to assist you in preventing the risk of causing food poisoning. Unfortunately, no quiz or certificates are offered for the free access course. To take the test and earn your certificate, you will need to purchase the paid-for Hygiene Audit Course.

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