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Lesson 1: Coronavirus Awareness Introduction


Welcome to the FCS coronavirus awareness  short course

This training is aimed at creating awareness about what we can do to manage the risk of coronavirus or COVID-19 for ourselves, customers, and our communities as a whole.  It is about talking about doing the right things. The things that we can do to prevent the spread of the virus and keep our places of business that are open, safe for staff, and safe for customers.

The more aware we are and the more we talk about what it is we can do, the more comfortable we will become and the more normal these procedures will be.

The intent here is to try and calm ourselves, calm the panic and hysteria that is going around. We do that, by trusting in the science that tells us, if we follow the correct protocols we will be able to curb the spread and manage the risk.

For those that are already familiar with food safety and hygiene, this is nothing new. We already know how to prevent cross-contamination. So this is really just about applying what we already know to the front-of-house areas and really stepping up on our good procedures. In this short course we will be covering a quick introduction into what the coronavirus is, how it can spread, the basic symptoms, and then discuss in some detail what the recommendations are on how to manage the spread of this disease.